Inshore Services

In order to help our Clients in tremendous Fuel Cost Savings through the year; hull cleaning done at regular intervals. Otherwise, the hull tends to develop a layer of bio-film (slime) as well as other heavy attaching marine growths. As these extra loadings on the Ship Structure are directly related to increased fuel costs and wear and strain on the engines.

Following are some of the core competency our Clients are providing during Hull Maintenances:

A professionally trained team of divers inspects as they clean it.
Our divers are trained in corrosion control and in problem detection relating to other aspects of your vessel. They inspect various elements and give you an idea about other areas where your ship might need attention, e.g. any anomalies found on the ship structures or damage Anti-fouling, which need to pay attention to..
Only the best materials for In-Water Hull Cleaning. This will ensure that your expensive hull paint coat does not get unnecessary abrasion
Last But Not Least, with Trained Divers Specializing in In-Water Cleaning and Maintenance, Clients will be provided with Detailed and Accurate In-Water Inspections, Effective, Efficient and Speed of Work!



  • Surface Supply Integrated Dive Vessel.
  • Complies with Client’s QHSE requirements.
  • Speed, Reliable, Quality and SAFE! – No Scuba is Allowed.
  • Able to Operate within Port and Out of Port Limits, and as well as neighboring countries.
  • Provision of Specialize Invasive Marine Species Control Measures.
  • Trained Professionals to provide detailed assessment of underwater structures.
  • Propeller Polishing - to ensure turn around maintenance schedule is sustained or even prolonged.
  • Quality of Work, to improve on Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings.