Offshore Services

With Numerous Years of Experiences and Expertise, our Team of Personnel has been providing proficient Offshore Solutions for our Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry for Several Years, since its inception in 1994. With the Essence of Quality, Speed and Safety, we ensure our supports to our Clients to meet their Critical Paths. Especially, with a quick turn-around during the Maintenance Periods Offshore, our Clients are able to resume the production phrase at the quickest possible timeline.  

In Achieving Operational Success, we have been providing our Clients with Prudent Project Quality Planning, Reliable Failure Mode Analysis Model, And Most Importantly Fast, Precise and Meticulous Decision Makings onsite. Working together as a Strong Team with our Clients in several Oilfields, we have so far, achieving zero downtimes and making full capacity of the days offshore.


  • Diving Supports for SPM Inspections, Maintenance and Replacements.
  • IRM- Detailed Underwater Inspections, Repair and Maintenance Campaigns. Which Includes Diving and ROV works.
  • Flowline – Replacement Works.
  • Post Lay Trenching and Pipelay Diving Supports.
  • Diving & ROV Support for Installation of Fibre-Optic Cables.
  • Diving Support for Installation of Power Lines.