Passion For The Best Solutions. In Master-Tech, the Driving force to search for Best Solution to the Problems faced by our Client, and has always remain our Passion.

Laser Focus to Improve and Make Solutions Even Better. The Drive to Pursue the Highest Standard and Quality Services to our Clients in the Maritime Industry.  In our Primary Focus, we Aim to help our Client in Saving Operational Cost, and Most Importantly, Time.

Value Customers and Take Great Care of Them.  Designing and Delivering Great Customer Service as our utmost importance core value. To satisfy our customers is Vital in how we manage our business. Awesome Customer Service from the Frontline to the Service Supports is reinforced among our employees as the utmost importance; To design our Service with our Customer in mind, with first listening and responding to our Customers' evolving needs and expectations. As we value our Customer as part of our evolving development process.

Importance of Culture That Promotes and Motivates Our Employees. The team behind our service is one of the most important factors for a successful business model. All our human resources are chosen prudently;  to be cultural fit is as equally important as competence on the people we hire. Hence, we all believe every employee should be given a chance to develop their skills, to increase their value. To crossed trained all our Divers as Technicians and Fabricators. With the multi-talents, it enables the Team to solve our Client’s  onsite problem swiftly. Which is part of our edge above our competitors. 

In our Team, we chose people with the right skills and personality to influence our team to greater heights than just competent. Not losing sight of our Culture, which stands for Safety, Quality and Reliability. As it our Major contributing factor to Building Stronger Customer Satisfactory.


  • A Team of Permanent Divers to Ensure Quality of Work is provided to Client.
  • Orientations on Tools prior to use.
  • All Divers are trained to competency on the Maintenance of Equipment.
  • Knowledge on Industrial Code of Practices and Guidelines, e.g. Dive Planning, Emergency Responses.
  • In-House Training Tank Facility to conduct underwater construction trainings, e.g. Welding.